API Integration

API integration is the connection between two or more applications via their APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow systems to exchange data sources. API integrations power processes throughout many sectors and layers of an organization to keep data in sync, enhance productivity and drive revenue.

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Did you know API Integration?

We help organizations link disparate applications and databases to optimize the value of their existing systems. Our company builds a custom API integration that matches your enterprise system requirements. Through standard and custom APIs linking to third-party applications and web services, we enable clients to align business processes and achieve better connectivity. If you wish to know more, please contact us for further information.


Examples of API integration

E-commerce sites are among the most significant users of API integrations. Web stores have order management systems that process shopping and shipping orders. But to process them, they need to access servers and databases which include customers, products, and inventory levels. There is an ongoing data interchange, which connects the online store to the shopping cart. Enterprises achieve this through API integration.

The payment gateway integration is another example. As a consumer, you don’t see the actual transaction when paying for a product online. But in the background, there is data transfer for verification of your credit card/debit card details. The payment gateway API is integrated into the web store and often hidden out of sight.

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SMS Integration

Send messages to your customers in their preferred channel through SMS, WhatsApp or Viber Messages.
SMS.to offers a powerful web platform and API, providing a smarter way for businesses to communicate with customers in multiple channels. 

Payment Gateway Integration

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Lazada Integration

It is the plugin that allows the sellers to connect the Lazada store. It allows the seller to reach a wide range of audiences. The sellers can easily export their products from their store to Lazada Marketplace. This integration provides a number of services through which the sellers can automate their selling process and sync the price, inventory, and order between store and the Lazada marketplace.

Shopee Integration

Connect your to the Shopee marketplace and automate your process of selling. It provides centralized management between your store and Shopee marketplace. The extension enables sellers to sell on Shopee and manage the automatic syncing of price, inventory, order, and so on between your store and Shopee marketplace.